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Within the last 200 years there has been an effort to discredit Ancient Historians, World Mythologies and Sacred Texts. The internet is filled with information containing some truths mixed with misdirection, confusing the readers. It takes discernment, research & thinking to try to find your 'truth.' Because Mythologies & Sacred Texts are encoded historic events, their meaning has been distorted by philosophers, historians, scientist & by some members of mystery schools who promote their tribe  or ancestors; fuelling the divide & conquer & 'right vs left' paradigm.


The original meaning of the Greek  word Mythos was:

speech, story, discourse (discussion of a subject), saga (a long detailed report) or tale (report of events).  

And 1840 its meaning was arbitrarily changed to:

"untrue story, rumor, imaginary or fictitious object or individual"?

The Epics of Creation  & Myths were encoded detailed stories used to re-enact past planetary catastrophes during the lifetime of rulers, and were performed during annual Festivals, and used a form of propaganda to assert the  power of the ruling tribes  & to remind the people they should be obedient, faithful servants to their kings, or punishment in form of catastrophes would befall them.  

The words asterisk; asterism; asteroid; astral; astro-; astrobiology; astrobleme; astrognosy; astroid; astrolabe; astrolatry; astrology; astromancy; astronaut; astronomy; AstroTurf; constellation; CATASTROPHE; DISASTER; Estella; Esther; instellation; interstellar; lodestar; star; stardust; starfish; starlet; starlight; starry; stellar; stellate." come from the root ASTER, meaning  "Star," also from "ster" from Akkadian Istar "Venus." 

We should go to the source of Ancient Sacred & Mythological Texts whenever possible, in order to better comprehend our History, Symbols & the Cosmogony of the Solar system.


"To Know where you are going you need to know where you come from"


This is a place of inquiry, study & objective analysis  of Ancient Historic & Sacred Texts, Myths, Symbols, Spirituality, Theology, Megalithic sites & Antediluvian Civilizations, such as Atlantis and the epochs of the Golden Age, the Garden of Eden, Shambhala or Shangri-la... Ancient Texts and myths (the stories of the gods and heroes) contain  invaluable  amount of information, but their true meaning is concealed in code. An alternate meaning is surmised, & the key used to decode them, is Plasma Physics, Genetics, Genealogy, Archeology & Geology, among other fields of study. Looking for answers to questions:

What are the origins of the Solar System, the Universe and humankind?

What is the purpose of life?

Why have rulers and kings since ancient times stated their royal descent from the gods?

Why have humans engaged in eternal wars & can we heal the hatred & enmity among nations & live in peace? 

Why have all the ancient world historians & keepers of knowledge asserted the gods were real, giving us extreme details of their lives and genealogical trees?

Why were these "giant, human-like gods" represented by astral bodies, angels, demons,  monsters, serpents, lions, bulls, cows, rams, goats, eagles... or the forces of nature?

Why were there consecutive World Creations, Sun Ages or Yugas?

Were the Atlantean & Pre-Flood Civilizations, Giants, Dragons, and other mythological creatures real?  

My analysis is not meant to be disrespectful to anyone's beliefs; nor do I take sides. I work independently and mean to inspire your own research of Ancient texts. I encourage you to analyze the information and the sources presented, ponder or contemplate on its meaning and come up with your own conclusions.

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